作者: Luke (原力是我的盟友)
標題: Vector Prime 電視廣告
: Sun Oct 24 23:12:21 1999

  English Transcript

        Mark Hamill Narrates:

        "I had fought the worst of all wars..."
        (flashing scenes of the first Death Star attack)

        "and witnessed the redemption of evil..."
        (flashing the scene where he takes Vader's helmet off)

        "I had seen balance restored to the Force..."
        (flashing the SE scene of the Palpatine statue on Corsucant falling)

        "but order can turn to choas as it did when I was born..."
        (flashing the scene of Leia and her pistol in ANH)

        "now with my loved ones and loyal allies..."
        (scenes of Han, Leia, Chewbacca and the droids)

        "I face a new challenge unlike any before....and I'm not sure if
        this time...we can win"
        (the book's horrible alien image comes up)

        Some other guy says:

        "Star Wars Vector Prime by RA Salvatore, the first novel of the
        New Jedi Order."


        [路克 (馬克漢彌爾) 口白]

        (畫面: 攻擊第一死星的片段)

        (畫面: 路克取下維德的頭盔)

        (畫面: 科羅桑上, 帕裴汀的雕像被推倒了)

但是就像我出生的時代一樣, 秩序常常會被混亂取代
        (畫面: 新希望中, 莉雅拿著她的手槍)

現在, 與我摯愛的人以及我忠誠的盟友一起
        (畫面: , 莉雅, 丘巴卡, 以及兩個機器人)

只是這一次我無法肯定, 勝利屬於我們....
畫面: 小說封面上恐怖的異族臉孔)


星際大戰新絕地秩序系列第一部小說: Vector Prime,
作者: RA Salvatore